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Info-Page of TVprg.php 0.1-alpha (hosted by

Welcome to TVprg.php!

first of all, some perhaps vital info

what's it by the way?

TVprg.php is thought to supply a kind of TV programme/magazine on your computer. A main goal is to have the data available offline in a database, since me (as well as many others) have just an expensive dialup line available.

how is it done?

TVprg.php actually consists of two (er, three) different parts:

  • the fetching end
    realized by perl scripts that download various pages out there in the internet (currently there's only one grabber for German TV-Prog info available) and parse that pages. The information retrieved by scanning these pages gets stored into a mySQL database.

  • the xmlTV importer
    since the snapshots of Dec 2003 TVprg.php is now able to understand xmlTV data. This means, you can now use any xmlTV grabber being available to download the information and import that one into the TVprg.php database - thus enabling you to use the PHP interface without having to write yet another tv-data grabber.

  • the displaying part
    i.e. the name-giving thing - TVprg.php - is a bunch of PHP4 pages that connect to that mySQL database to retrieve and display the tv-show info.

Furthermore there's a xmltv-exporting feature available (since the snapshot released 15-Oct-2003, enabling you, to use the data grabbed by the TVprg.php fetchers within xmltv (which you might use together with things like mythTV or whatever)

what is being displayed?

  • which shows are currently running?
  • what's going to start up next?
  • a single-channel list (displaying all shows for one channel on one day)
  • table-rendered-view (displaying every subscribed channel column by column, for one day)
  • bookmark system - meaning that previously selected shows will get displayed highlighted

a screenshot maybe?

of course I've got one available, click the link in order to show it (JPEG picture with 888 x 545 Pixels, 'bout 75 kBytes in size)

click, to display snapshot

dependencies of the TVprg.php suite

the TVprg.php suite currently depends on the following packages (the rpm-version information is provided to give you a hint with which version I'm currently developing/testing)


  • perl-5.8.0-104
  • perl-DBI-1.32-28
  • perl-Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2219-219
  • mysql-3.23.55-20
  • mysql-shared-3.23.55-20
  • lynx-2.8.4-396


  • mod_php4-4.3.1-52
  • mod_php4-core-4.3.1-52
  • apache-1.3.27-41
  • mysql-3.23.55-20
  • mysql-shared-3.23.55-20

in order to configure your mySQL installation ...

  • mysql-client-3.23.55-20

where to download?

Well, have a look at the files section within In order to get there, simply click on that link:

getting into contact

There are actually two ways of getting into contact, probably you want to join the TVprg.php mailing list, and put your questions there. You might also want to have a look at the archives there.

If you want to write a private mail, don't hesitate and write to ssiegl-at-gmx-dot-de

well, last but not least - thanks to the guys at making all that here available, thanks! Logo